Paul and Mary Filben Holocaust Trunk -- Contents

1. Reference Materials

ADL Posters

1 copy

Twenty Holocaust posters (#3 missing)

The Holocaust

1 copy

A portfolio of materials, including broadsheets, documents, maps, and other sources

The Holocaust

1 copy

A Grolier student library. Volume 1: Abwehr to Extermination Camps

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

1 copy

Children's drawings and poems from Terezin concentration camp, 1942-1944

The Holocaust: A History of Courage and Resistance

1 copy

The story of the Holocaust, focusing on the men and women who fought against Hitler and the Nazis

HMH Triangle Poster

1 copy


Holocaust: Maps and Photographs

1 copy

Each map and photograph shows what actually happened: the scale of the slaughter, the widespread acts of Jewish resistance, the fate of many millions of non-Jews who were also murdered, the often inadequate response of the world outside Europe, and rescue of Jews by courageous individuals who were themselves under Nazi rule


1 copy

The story of how gentiles saved Jews in the Holocaust

Introducing the Holocaust

1 copy

A powerful book providing a clear and forthright guide to the Holocaust for young readers today


1 copy

An illustrated biography of the leader of Nazi Germany

2. Teaching Material

Curriculum Trunk Program

1 copy

Teacher aids from the Holocaust Museum Houston

Picture Set

1 copy

Six pictures (Danish rescue boat, stars, milk can, shoes, railway car, Hollerith machine)

Resistance during the Holocaust

1 copy

A 52-page booklet that explores examples of armed and unarmed resistance by Jews and other Holocaust victims

Teaching about the Holocaust

1 copy

A resource book for educators

My Family Tree

1 copy

An overhead transparency

3. Audio/Visual Media

Courage to Care

1 copy

A 60-minute video on the Anne Frank story

Lest We Forget

1 copy

A multimedia CD-ROM on the history of the Holocaust

Weapons of the Spirit

1 copy

A 35-minute video

Schindler's List

1 copy

A CD containing the original motion picture soundtrack

Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died

1 copy

A 28-minute video chronicling the journey of two Holocaust survivors as they revisit the hell they knew as Auschwitz concentration camp

4. Young Adult Novels

The Devil's Arithmetic

5 copies

A novel by Jane Yolen about a woman transported back to a Polish village in 1942

Daniel's Story

35 copies

Daniel's family is forced from their home in Frankfurt and sent on a long and dangerous journey, first to the Lodz ghetto in Poland, and then to Auschwitz

The Cage

5 copies

A memoir by a woman who lost her youth and family to the Nazis

We Are Witnesses

30 copies

Five diaries of teenagers who died in the Holocaust

The Upstairs Room

1 copy

For two years, a Gentile family hid Annie and her sister in the cramped upstairs room of their farmhouse

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

5 copies

Perhaps the most famous diary to come out of the Holocaust

I Was There

1 copy

Set in the turmoil and terror of Nazi Germany, this first-person account of the day-to-day events and attitudes of the Third Reich provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of German young people of that period

Behind the Bedroom Wall

1 copy

Thirteen-year-old Korinna, a Nazi youth group member, is shocked to find her parents hiding a Jewish family

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

1 copy

The story of a girl whose family sneaks out of Germany and tries to find a home in several countries


5 copies

A terrifying account by Elie Wiesel of the Nazi death camp horror that turns a young Jewish boy into an agonized witness to the death of his family...the death of his innocence... and the death of his God

The Man from the Other Side

1 copy

A true story of World War II Warsaw, this novel by Uri Orlev relates events so dramatic as to be cataclysmic. But the voice of its l4-year-old narrator, Marek, would be gripping given any plot

Escape from Warsaw

5 copies

Their mother arrested by the Nazis, the Balicki children make the long, dangerous trip from Warsaw to Switzerland in search of their father

The Hiding Place

1 copy

The extraordinary adventure of Corrie ten Boom, a courageous Christian woman who became a militant heroine of the anti-Nazi underground


1 copy

His best friend thought Friedrich was lucky. His family had a good home and enough money, and in Germany in the early 1930s, many were unemployed. But when Hitler came to power, things began to change. Friedrich was expelled from school, and then his mother died and his father was deported. For Friedrich was Jewish


1 copy

The powerful autobiographical account of a young girl's struggle as a Jewish refugee in England from 1939-1945

5. Student Material


30 copies

A 32-page magazine with poems, stories, an editorial, and a play

Tell Them We Remember

30 copies

The story of the Holocaust in 109 pages

The Record

30 copies

A 16-page newspaper on the Holocaust

6. Picture Books

The Children We Remember

1 copy

A 45-page book of photographs from Yad Vashem

Terrible Things

1 copy

A 28-page allegory of the Holocaust

A Picture Book of Anne Frank

1 copy

A 26-page illustrated biography of Anne Frank


Israeli Materials

One copy of each item

Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto -- 1941

Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, and 27 slides enabling students to gain a sense of life in the ghetto as it was experienced by the ghetto residents themselves

Stories from the Warsaw Ghetto

Multimedia CD-ROM providing a three-dimensional reconstruction of the ghetto, 200 animated scenes, testimonies from survivors, four and a half hours of sound commentaries, 50 maps, 71 biographies, 10 songs sung in Yiddish

Holocaust Responsa in the Kovno Ghetto (1941-1944

A teacher's guide that describes the lives of the Jews in the Kovno Ghetto as reflected in Rabbi Ephraim Ashry's responsa. The lesson seeks to involve students in the issues faced by Orthodox Jews

The Last Ghetto

Book in English and Hebrew describing life in the Lodz ghetto from 1940 to 1944. Hundreds of illustrations

But the Story Didn't End That Way

A teacher manual, 20-minute video, and 18 posters telling the story of German Jewry from the Weimar Republic through the late 1930s

To Bear Witness

20 posters and teacher's guide presenting an overview of the Holocaust as seen through the prism of a series of historical events, figures and places

The Face of Survival

Illustrated 224-page book covering Jewish life in Eastern Europe before and after the Holocaust


40-minute video showing Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1938

Witnesses at the Eichmann Trial

45-minute video of testimonies at the 1961 trial, reflecting a variety of Holocaust experiences, including the Nazi occupation of villages, the ghettos and the extermination camps


A teaching unit on Holocaust literature

Janusz Korczak

20 posters chronicling the life and death of the innovative Polish educator who led his students into the gas chamber

Hannaleh's Rescue

Teacher's handbook, 25-minute video, and 8 art reproductions. The story of a Jewish girl who is smuggled out of the ghetto when her family is deported

The Sandgame

59-page paperback telling the story of the author's childhood

Stolen Childhood

30-minute video providing testimonies of three Holocaust survivors who tell of the changes they experienced in their lives as children during the Nazi occupation

Four Stories of Hiding and Rescue

30-minute video with teacher's guide presenting the testimonies of four Holocaust children: with a Polish family in a village, in a convent, in the forest, and on the road

The Legend of the Lodz Ghetto Children

Teacher's handbook describing 17 paintings. Paintings illustrated in the book but not included separately

Through Our Eyes

An illustrated textbook presenting the Holocaust as perceived by children. It consists of 18 study units, in chronological order, comprising children's diary entries and survivors' testimonies