Holocaust Photos, Art

  • Holocaust Pictures Exhibition Daniel Keren scanned the pictures and wrote the original comments. The original stuff can be found at shamash.org. François Schmitz created the 37 posters of this exhibition. He modified some comments and he converted the pictures to interlaced-gif format

  • Photo Gallery There are four main categories of photographs in this Gallery: family photographs from the survivors themselves, historical photographs from archives, portrait and location photographs, and collections of photographs which are of special interest and will be featured from time to time

  • Photographs documenting the Holocaust in Hungary Photographs, many taken by the Nazis and captured by the Soviet Army when they over-ran Budapest; together with an essay by the renown Hungarian historian, Dr.László Karsai Ph.D., bear witness to the dreadful events that took place in Hungary

  • The Art of Fernand "Horn" Van Horen Fernand Van Horen is a survivor from the concentration camps of Esterwegen and Flossenbürg. Most of the drawings you can see here were made during his two weeks of recovering, just after his liberation by the American troops on April 23th, 1945

  • Gideon Holocaust Art Collection This Holocaust Art Collection is a remarkable record of the pain and suffering of World War II, created from the personal experience and memories of Artist Gideon. This Collection of powerful paintings and sculptures began in 1944 as Gideon started sketching what he saw and felt all over Europe. When he returned home in 1946 he began painting and sculpturing these memories. This terrible event, burned in his soul, has continued till this day with his adding to the portrayal of it in his art. There are 44 works in this collection

  • Nazi photos The following photos provide a pictorial glimpse of Hitler, how his Nazis mixed religion with government, and the support for Hitler by the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany

  • Artistic Responses Great art courtesy of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota

  • Galleries of Holocaust ImagesArchival ghetto and camp photographs, contemporary camp photographs, camp and other memorials, art and architecture

  • 88 photographs on antisemitism during the Holocaust courtesy of Yad Vashem

  • 198 photographs from the camps courtesy of Yad Vashem

  • 269 photographs from the ghettos courtesy of Yad Vashem

  • 138 photographs of Jewish resistance courtesy of Yad Vashem

  • The City That Never Sleeps Masters Thesis by Debra Phillips, University of New South Wales, 2008. This research documentation explores representations of the Holocaust in the visual arts in relation to the post-Holocaust ‘ripple effect’—the impact of the Holocaust on the world today, in both the wider arena of global political conflicts and in the lives of individuals

  • Two Photos Make History: The 10th March 1933 in the Life of Dr. Michael Siegel by Isabel A.

  • Art as Evidence Five paintings, drawn by different artists on the same day, depicting the procession of the Bialystok children walking through Terezin

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