Holocaust Museums & Centers

  • Yad Vashem Established and instructed by Israeli Law in 1953, Yad Vashem commemorates the six million Jews and their communities wiped out in the Holocaust. Yad Vashem has the largest and the most comprehensive archive and information repositories on the Holocaust, housing more than 50 million pages of documents and hundreds of thousands of photographs and films. Over 75,000 titles and periodicals comprise the most significant library on Holocaust research in the world

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Since its dedication in 1993, the Museum has welcomed nearly 30 million visitors, including more than 8 million school children and 85 heads of state. Today 90 percent of the Museum’s visitors are not Jewish, and our Web site, the world’s leading online authority on the Holocaust, had 25 million visits in 2008 from an average of 100 different countries daily

  • The Holocaust Museum: Why Christians Should Go St. Anthony Messenger article by Barbara Beckwith

  • Holocaust Museum Houston

  • Museum of Jewish Heritage--A Living Memorial to the Holocaust New York. Get an overview of the Museum and its history, find out how the Museum is organized, see a list of upcoming programs and events, learn about the family history center, and browse the Museum Shop on-line

  • The Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance The museum in Malines, a memorial, has been designed as the antechamber of death. This Sammellager Mecheln was the starting point of a one-way deportation route. Between 1942 and 1944, some 28 convoys of 25,257 prisoners were shipped from Malines to Auschwitz. Centering on this fatal deportation, it presents the history of the "Final Solution" in Belgium and in Europe

  • Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies University of Minnesota site that includes visual and educational resources

  • Ghetto Fighters' House Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance in Galilee. Includes biographies of partisans and anti-Nazi fighters

  • The Beth Shalom Holocaust Webcentre History, bookstore

  • Florida Holocaust Museum We are now the fourth largest Holocaust museum in the country. Rather than dwelling on the horrors of the past, The Florida Holocaust Museum concentrates on the present - reaching the individuals in our communities and classrooms uninformed about the Holocaust, and those who fail to grasp its size and implications. This tragic era in human history, provides the opportunity to study and challenge the impact of bigotry, prejudice, hatred and indifference

  • El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center The museum was founded on the hope and belief that by remembering and documenting the events, civilized people will prevent another Holocaust

  • Holocaust Museum and Study Center Spring Valley, New York

  • Holocaust Memorial Center In Budapest, Hungary

  • Global Directory of Holocaust Museums

  • Holocaust Memorials

  • Holocaust Memory and Museums in the United States: Problems of Representation MA thesis by Jennifer A Faber, Miami University, 2005

  • The Construction of the National Holocaust Memorial in Berlin PhD dissertation by Simone Mangos, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, 2007. "To my knowledge, this is the only thesis on the memorial, which addresses the findings of Nazi ruins on site in 1998, their subsequent removal and the quasisecrecy surrounding it, as well as the level of deceit in the construction process and its effects on the resulting memorial. It is the only thesis, which acknowledges and addresses the outright failure of the memorial to elicit a respectful commemoration of the Holocaust."

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