A Tribute to Mobile

Agnes Tennenbaum

When I was seventeen
It was a very good year.
I married the guy of my dreams.
When I was twenty one
It was a dangerous year.
I lost everyone who was
Close and dear to me.
I suffered without end
I was ready to die.
Then God smiled on me.
Sent the liberators
Our wonderful, brave GIs.
When I was twenty four
I married a kind stranger.
I was not lonely anymore.
I had a baby,
The joy of my life
Waiting to enter the promised paradise.
When I was twenty six
It was a very good year.
I came to America
Full of hope
Leaving behind fear.
When I was eighty three
It was a very good year.
I came to Mobile
The city of fresh, green trees
And scented air.
It was the end of the road,
So I thought.
I didn't know
The city has a soul
And a warm heart.
People wanted to know my tragic past.
With an open mind,
When I reached eighty five.
School and church doors opened wide.
They all wanted to know the truth.
They listen to me.
When I will breath my very last,
I can say,
Maybe in Mobile
My years were the very best.